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Latest update: January 2024

West Orange Trail...

Winter Garden's Renaissance Bike Trail

West Orange Trail is a world-class rail trail through urban and suburban sections of Orange County. Popular for all types of biking, in-line skating, running and walking. "Outposts" and "Stations" along the way provide parking, with "Stations" providing full amenities. The trail runs from the Killarney Station trailhead on SR50 west of Oakland, through Winter Garden and to Apopka, ending at Welch Road. A spur at Killarney Station connects to the South Lake Trail - both trails are part of the Florida Coast-to-Coast Trail. Plans are also underway to expand the West Orange Trail further to the north.(Detailed map and photos below.)

West Orange Trail, Orlando biking

West Orange Trail Map

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Location: Orange County
End Points: Killarney (Old SR 50) to Lester Rd. (Apopka)
Mileage: 22 miles; link to 13-mile South Lake Trail
Surface: Asphalt, 15'
Trailheads/Parking: Killarney Station, Oakland Nature Preserve, Oakland Outpost, Tildenville Outpost, Winter Garden Station, Chapin Station, Ingram Outpost, Apopka-Vineland Outpost, McCormick Outpost, Clarcona Horseman's Park, Apopka Station. Neighborhood Lakes West Trailhead (See map)
Nearby Points of Interest: Towns of Oakland and Winter Garden, Oakland Nature Preserve, Winter Garden Historic Museum, Lake Apopka; Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, SeaWorld

Bike Shops/Rentals:

Bikes and Blades (Killarney Station)
Wheel Works (Winter Garden)
Spin City Cycles (Apopka)


Biking the West Orange Trail... Comments and Photos

One of our favorite sections is the 5 miles east from Killarney Station, through old Oakland, to old downtown Winter Garden. Add another 1.5 miles (one way) by riding west from Killarney Station on the connecting South Lake Trail. This section is nicely shaded, adding some short hills, twists and turns. Due to this trail's popularity, watch for children and crowded conditions.

Killarney Station to Winter Garden Station (5 miles)

Killarney Station to Oakland Outpost

Killarney Station has parking, restrooms, water, playground, and a bike shop for rentals, sales, repairs, and refreshments. Link from here westbound to the South Lake Trail. The West Orange Trail starts eastbound near busy SR 50, but soon veers off and gradually becomes shadier and more peaceful as it nears Oakland. The railroad bridge over Florida's Turnpike is a local landmark - recently replaced due to Turnpike widening, the original trestle design remains. Also in this section is the Oakland Nature Preserve - park your bike to stroll the 6/10 mile trail and boardwalk leading to a pier on the lake).

Oakland Outpost

Oakland Outpost at the Art and Heritage Center, has restrooms, picnic tables, benches, and water fountain. Parking is at the Art and Heritage Center, or across the trail along N. Tubb St. in front of Town Hall. Bike down side streets to an observation deck at Lake Apopka.

Serene old Oakland is a charming town draped in Spanish moss. Several historic buildings remain, though the outlying areas are being developed with residential communities and apartments. Thankfully, the trail corridor remains as a linear oasis.

Oakland to Tildenville Outpost

Leaving Oakland, pedal past tall oaks laden with Spanish moss to Tildenville Outpost. Again, recent development has changed the view through here with some road crossings (not busy roads). An old "landmark" along this section of the trail is a section of old railroad track.

Tildenville Outpost to Winter Garden

Tildenville Outpost has parking, benches, port-a-let, and a butterfly garden. Toward Old Downtown Winter Garden, the trail goes beside Tildenville Road for a short distance before turning away. It passes some residential and light commercial areas, with sections of sun and shade, then merges next to Plant St. entering the old downtown area.

Downtown "Old" Winter Garden to Winter Garden Outpost

Winter Garden is a prime example of how a well-maintained rail-trail can transform an "old Florida" downtown. As the focal point for the renaissance of this old Florida town, the bike trail has completely revitalized downtown Winter Garden, which now features at least two bike shops, several restaurants, and a small but worthwhile history museum. The Winter Garden City Hall fronts the trail and features a bicycle-art sculpture. The trail runs past the Clock Tower and Pavilion, central to many community events and activities. Park at Winter Garden Station (bike shop/rentals, restrooms, concession, water, playground).



Winter Garden Station to Apopka-Vineland Outpost (8.5 miles)

Winter Garden to Ingram Outpost

Heading out of Winter Garden the trail passes through suburban neighborhoods, tunnels under the highway, and weaves around a golf course. Chapin Station is a great trail and neighborhood asset - main trail offices, parking, restrooms, playground, picnic/pavilions, playing fields, tennis, Path of Life gardens. Ingram Outpost has parking only.

Ingram Outpost to Apopka-Vineland Outpost

From Ingram Outpost, the trail then follows Clarcona-Ocoee Road about 6/10 mile before branching off-road to Apopka-Vineland Outpost (behind the Buddhist Temple) - parking, water, portalet, picnic, playground. At this point, the Florida Coast- to-Coast Trail turns off the West Orange Trail - a spur (about 2/10 mile) leads to Clarcona-Ocoee Road, a future connector to the Seminole-Wekiva Trail.

Ingram Outpost to Apopka-Vineland Outpost

Coast-to-Coast Trail Connector

Apopka-Vineland Outpost, to Apopka Station and Trail End (8.6 miles)

Apopka-Vineland Outpost to Apopka

From Apopka-Vineland Outpost, continue north along the Apopka-Vineland Road about 1/4 mile to where the trail crosses at the traffic light.

At this point are two options:

Spur to Clarcona Outpost

Option 1: Continue along Apopka-Vineland Road, and ride the spur to Clarcona Outpost / Clarcona Horseman's Park. McCormick Outpost (parking, picnic) is along this spur. Clarcona Outpost has parking, picnic and water, and serves as trailhead for the equestrian trail.

Continue to Apopka

Option 2: At the crosswalk, go across Apopka-Vineland Road and continue toward Apopka (about 4 miles). There's about one mile of relaxing tree canopy before emerging along Clarcona Road.


Trail into Apopka

Continuing along Clarcona Rd. the trail goes under the SR414 toll road, then branches off along Old Apopka Road. From here, it parallels the road but with a wide buffer. At 13th St. it leaves Old Apopka Road and goes through a wooded area before emerging at 8th St. to S. Forest Ave. From here is a more commercial area. Approaching US441, a ramp goes up onto the bridge and crosses the busy road, then down a ramp back onto the trail.

To Apopka from the south

US441 Bridge to Apopka Station

Apopka Station to Temporary Trail End

Apopka Station has parking, restrooms, water, playground and picnic facilities. Past Apopka Station the trail passes parks and playing fields, winds through an alignment, past Apopka Middle School and on a boardwalk before going roadside at N. Park Avenue (which then becomes Rock Springs Rd.), continuing another 2 miles to the current end at Lester Road. From here the next segment to Kelly Park is in planning.

Apopka Station

Apopka Station to Lester Road

Neighborhood Lakes West Trailhead to Mile Marker 28 (0.5 mile)

Neighborhood Lakes West Trailhead to MM 28

This is a disconnected portion of West Orange Trail we stumbled on when biking Lake County's Neighborhood Lakes Scenic Trail. At the Orange/Lake County line, we noted the "WOT-280" mile marker in the pavement. The Neighborhood Lakes West Trailhead (vehicle and equestrian parking) is located off Mt. Plymouth Rd. To the south, this segment eventually will connect to the existing West Orange Trail in Apopka. To the north it now runs 0.5 mile to the Orange/Lake County Line where it connects to Lake County's trails.

More Information and Resources

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