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Reported: November 2022

Neighborhood Lakes Scenic Trail... Lake County, Florida

Part of the Wekiva Trail System

The paved, multi-use Neighborhood Lakes Scenic Trail is part of Lake County's evolving Wekiva Trail System creating regional connections between Lake, Orange and Seminole Counties. Used by cyclists, walkers, runners and equestrians, the trail extends 2.1 miles, paralleling SR 429 from the Neighborhood Lakes Trailhead along SR 46 in Sorrento to the Lake/Orange County line, then a half-mile to the Neighborhood Lakes West Trailhead. The surrounding area has now been designated as a 375-acre park with newly planted vegetation and some scenic views. (Detailed map and photos below.)

Neighborhood Lakes Scenic Trail, Orlando biking, Lake County

Neighborhood Lakes Scenic Trail Map

Location: Lake County
End Points: SR 46 (Neighborhood Lakes Trailhead, Sorrento) to Lake/Orange County Line
Mileage: 2.1 miles (2.6 total trailhead-to-trailhead)
Surface: Asphalt, 14'
Trailheads/Parking: Neighborhood Lakes Trailhead (SR 46), Neighborhood Lakes West Trailhead (Mt. Plymouth Rd.) (See map)
Nearby Points of Interest: Seminole State Forest, Rock Springs Run State Preserve

Bike Shops / Rentals: N/A

 Page Summary:

  1. Biking on Neighborhood Lakes Scenic Trail
    - Trail Start - Neighborhood Lakes Trailhead (Wekiva Trail, SR 46)
    - Biking the Trail
    - Trail End - Neighborhood Lakes West Trailhead (West Orange Trail)
  2. Wildlife
  3. More Information and Resources


Biking on Neighborhood Lakes Scenic Trail... Comments and Photos

Neighborhood Lakes Scenic Trail - North to South
(Lake County to Orange County)

When we crossed the county line into Orange County, we were surprised by a mile marker - WOT 28! That opened our eyes to the larger significance of this short Lake County trail. While the West Orange Trail segment from here is just a half mile, when it eventually links to the existing trail along Rock Springs Rd. in Apopka, the Neighborhood Lakes Scenic Trail will be an important link between Lake and Orange Counties. Via the Wekiva Trail to the north, it already links to Seminole County and the Seminole-Wekiva Trail which in turn is part of the Florida Coast-to-Coast Trail.

Trail Start - Neighborhood Lakes Trailhead (SR 46)

The Neighborhood Lakes Trailhead is located along SR 46 just east of Camp Challenge Rd. It also serves as a trailhead for the Wekiva Trail (link below). The trailhead has vehicle and equestrian parking, restrooms, water, and picnic pavilion.

Biking the Trail

The trail runs parallel to SR 429. For the first mile, it's well removed from the road. It then enters a curving section which draws closer to the roadway, which then remains visible but with a wide berth. It was quieter than we expected, perhaps due to the wind direction that day. The trail has little shade, benches are located at intervals. While it's an overall easy ride, some mild inclines and curves add variety and a slight workout.

Trail End - Orange County - Neighborhood Lakes West Trailhead

From the Orange County Line the trail continues another 0.5 mile as the West Orange Trail to Neighborhood Lakes West Trailhead. Here are parking and equestrian parking. The trail ends, return the same way. Road access is from Mt. Plymouth Rd., eventually the West Orange Trail will connect to the existing trail in Apopka.


 Wildlife may include turkeys, gophers, bear, deer, rabbits, and many birds. Here are some we saw.

More Information and Resources

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