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Latest update: April 2021

Spring-to-Spring Trail...

South Volusia County Biking

When finished, the Spring-to-Spring Trail will total about 26-miles. Currently, about 22 miles are complete, with two gaps remaining (now under construction). Starting at Lake Monroe Park in DeBary, the trail runs northward to Dirksen Road, then splits into two legs: east to Green Springs Park in Deltona, and north to DeLeon Springs. Giving this diverse and scenic trail its name, many springs (and parks) include Lake Monroe Park, Gemini Springs Park, DeBary Hall Historic Site, and Green Springs Park (along the east leg), and Rob Sullivan Park, Blue Springs State Park, Lake Beresford Park, and DeLeon Springs State Park (along the north leg). (Detailed map and photos below.)

Spring-to-Spring Trail, Orlando biking, Volusia County

Spring to Spring Trail Map

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Location: Volusia County
End Points: East leg: Lake Monroe Park to Gemini Springs Park to DeBary Hall to Green Springs Park. West leg: Lake Monroe Park to Rob Sullivan Park to Blue Spring State Park to Lake Beresford Park; Glenwood to DeLeon Springs. (2 gaps, at DeBary and at Deland.)
Mileage: 22 miles to date, 26 miles when done
Surface: Asphalt, 8-12'
Trailheads/Parking: Lake Monroe Park. Eastbound: Gemini Springs Park, DeBary Hall, Thornby Park, Green Springs Park. Northbound: Rob Sullivan Park, Blue Spring Trailhead (Blue Springs Ave.), Lake Beresford Park, Barkely Dog Park (Glenwood), Chuck Lennon Park (DeLeon Springs), (See map)
Nearby Points of Interest: DeBary Hall, Lake Monroe Park, Gemini Springs Park, Blue Spring State Park, Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge, DeLeon Springs State Park

Bike Shops / Rentals:

Deland Cyclery (Deland)

JC's Bike Shop (Deland)

Spring to Spring Trail... Comments and Photos

The trail starts at Lake Monroe Park in DeBary, emerging at Dirksen Road it splits into two legs:

  1. East along Dirksen Drive and DeBary Avenue, past DeBary Hall to Green Springs Park (where it connects with the East Central Regional Rail Trail). This leg is part of both the Florida Coast-to-Coast Trail and St. Johns River-to-Sea Loop .

  2. West and North past the DeBary Plantation subdivision to Blue Spring State Park to Lake Beresford Park, and along Grand Ave. in Glenwood before ending just before DeLeon Springs State Park. This leg is part of the St. Johns River-to-Sea Loop.

St. Johns River Bridge to Lake Monroe Park

At Lake Monroe Park in DeBary is a link to the Florida Coast-to-Coast Trail (C2C) - a shared-use lane (about a half mile) spans the St. Johns River bridge, connecting to the Cross Seminole Trail at Wayside Park in Sanford. At the end of the bridge, enter Lake Monroe Park and go through the parking lot to the trailhead (to the left, past the boat launches). Lake Monroe Park has parking, restrooms, picnic, playground, boardwalk, boat ramp, and fishing.

Lake Monroe Park to Dirksen Drive/Gemini Springs North Trailhead - 2.4 miles

From the Lake Monroe trailhead is an exceptionally scenic ride, meandering through diverse habitat that includes cypress swamp, oak/palm hammock, pine stand, and prairie to Dirksen Drive and the Gemini Springs North Trailhead.

East Leg: DeBary to Green Springs Park

From the point where the trail emerges onto Dirksen Road at the Gemini Springs North Trailhead (parking only), the trail runs east past the entrance to Gemini Springs Park (parking, restrooms, picnic, playground, fishing, canoe launch, hiking and horse trails). It then continues past DeBary Hall Historic Site to Deltona (a designated Florida Trail Town) and Green Springs Park where it meets the East Central Regional Rail Trail.


Gemini Springs to Mansion Blvd. - 1.7. miles

From Gemini Springs North Trailhead to Mansion Blvd. (connector to DeBary Hall), the trail follows Dirksen Drive, partly under shaded canopy with a wide buffer, so a pleasant ride. Approaching DeBary Hall, it emerges and runs alongside the road. At Mansion Blvd. turn off to DeBary Hall and the trailhead, or continue eastward to the Green Spring Park entrance.


Mansion Blvd. to DeBary Hall - 0.5 mile

This short diversion provides a glimpse of history. Cross Dirksen Dr. onto Mansion Blvd. and ride to the DeBary Hall Trailhead (parking, restrooms next to Hall). Stop at the Visitors Center to learn more about this historic site.


Dirksen Drive/Mansion Blvd. to Deltona - 1.5 miles

From the Mansion Blvd / Dirksen Drive intersection, the trail parallels Dirksen east and under I-4. Here, the road name becomes DeBary Ave. This section continues mostly parallel to the road. There's no shade and some cross-streets.



Deltona and Green Springs Park - 1.6. miles

The roadway runs through a less commercial area, then turns away from the road at Jacob Brock Ave. At Providence Blvd. is a link to parking at Thornby Park, then the trail runs on a boardwalk parallel to Perimeter Drive before arriving at Green Springs Park. Past Green Springs Park, you are now on the East Central Regional Rail Trail - continuing as part of the Florida Coast-to-Coast Trail.


North leg: DeBary to DeLeon Springs

From Gemini Springs North Trailhead, the trail runs west on Dirksen Drive to US 17-92, where a gap to Rob Sullivan Park is under construction. The trail re-starts at Rob Sullivan Park and is continuous past Blue Springs State Park to Beresford Park. Another gap exists to Glenwood, where it re-starts and continues 6 miles to trail end.

Dirksen Road to Rob Sullivan Park - 3 miles

Dirksen Road to US 17-92

From the point where the trail emerges at Gemini Springs North Trailhead, and running west along Dirksen Drive is the intersection of US 17-92.

US 17-92 to Rob Sullivan Park - Gap Construction

The gap from US 17-92 at Benson Junction Road to Rob Sullivan Park is under construction (Updated: April 2021).

Photo credit: Darren Hunt

Rob Sullian Park to DeBary Plantation - 2 miles

This section of trail starts at Rob Sullivan Park and runs along Highbanks Road and Donald Smith Blvd. behind DeBary Plantation (residential/country club community).

DeBary Plantation to Blue Springs State Park - 3.6 miles

This section starts at Donald Smith Blvd. and DeBary Plantation Blvd. and runs with no road crossings through a conservation area, then along the railroad track to the trailhead at Blue Spring Ave. in Orange City. At the trailhead, a bridge crosses the track and continues to Blue Spring State Park running between the railroad track and the state park, with no road crossings (it includes a tunnel). This section includes some hills.

Blue Spring State Park has the largest spring on the St. Johns River and is a designated manatee refuge; parking, restrooms, picnic, camping, kayak/canoe launch, fishing, concession, scuba, hiking and more.

Blue Spring Park to Lake Beresford - 3 miles

Past the underpass is a link to the State Park (turn left). Or, turn right to continue on the trail to Lake Beresford Park. It's an excellent recreational ride past forest, fields, and swamp, linking to the Beresford Trails Loop (see below). This segment parallels the railroad track with a few hills. The trail extends another half mile past Lake Beresford Park, then is a gap to Glenwood.

Lake Beresford Trails Loop - 2 miles

At Lake Beresford Park, a pretty loop around the trails area. The park includes parking, restrooms, playground, picnic pavilions, and nature hiking trails.

Grand Ave., Glenwood - south section - 3.8 miles

Resuming in Glenwood, the south section from W. Minnesota Ave. to King St. is a paved path next to the road, then continues on bike lanes to Lemon St.

Grand Ave., Glenwood - north section - 2.2 miles

The north section runs from Lemon St. to W. Baxter St. as a bike path. From Baxter Street, a street route leads to Chuck Lennon Park (parking, restrooms, picnic pavilion, playground, playing fields, mountain bike trails), and to the entrance of DeLeon Springs State Park.

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