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Latest update: May 2018

East Central Regional Rail Trail...

South Volusia County Biking

When complete, the East Central Regional Rail Trail ("ECRRT") will total 52 miles. It currently runs 8 miles from Green Springs Park in Enterprise to Guise Road east of Osteen. The Trail will continue to Maytown where it splits, with segments going northeast to Edgewater, FL (4 miles completed to date, 20 under construction), and southeast to Titusville, FL (15 miles). It connects to the Spring-to-Spring Trail at Green Springs Park, and will eventually be part of both the 250-mile Florida Coast-to-Coast Trail, and the 260-mile St. John’s River to Sea Loop. (Map and photos below.)

Trail Update (May 2018): 20 miles in Volusia County is under construction from Osteen to Edgewater. We visited some points along the way to see progress (delayed by rains, scheduled for completion Sept. 2018).

East Central Regional Rail Trail - Central Florida biking

East Central Regional Rail-Trail Map
(with connector trails)

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Location: Volusia and Brevard Counties, Florida
End Points: Green Springs Park in Enterprise to Guise Road east of Osteen (to date); segments in Titusville and Edgewater
Mileage: 52 miles planned. 27 miles completed, 20 under construction @May 2018
Surface: Asphalt, 12'
Trailheads/Parking: Green Springs Park (Enterprise), SR415 bridge (Osteen), I-95 underpass at Mims, Titusville Visitor Center. Other parking to be available as the trail expands. (See map)
Nearby Points of Interest: DeBary Hall, Gemini Springs Park, American Space Museum and Walk of Fame

Bike Shops / Rentals:

Coast to Coast Bicycle Company (Titusville)

Deland Cyclery (Deland)

JC's Bike Shop (Deland)

East Central Regional Rail Trail (ECRRT)... Comments and Photos

Green Springs Park is a hidden gem. Get it right and old downtown Titusville could blossom. When fully complete, this will be a top Florida rail-trail. (Note: although most of the trail is outside our "30-mile radius" of downtown Orlando, the western leg of the trail - Debary through Osteen - runs within a "30 mile radius.") We describe this long trail in 3 sections, from west to east.

ECRRT (Section 1)... Green Springs Park, East then Southeast to Maytown

This section is part of the Florida Coast-to-Coast Trail .


Green Springs Park Trailhead

Green Springs Park serves as a trailhead and connector to the Spring-to-Spring Trail. One of a few green sulphur springs remaining, Green Springs was once popular as a health spa and is now a county park, with parking, water, picnic, playground.


Green Spring to SR415 Bridge (Osteen)

From the Green Springs trailhead, the East Central Regional Rail Trail is mostly away from roads, with canopied sections and boardwalks over wetlands. Benches are spaced regularly along the trail, there are some crossroads and driveways but traffic is very light if any.


SR 415 Trail Bridge to Guise Road

From the trailhead at the SR 415 bridge, the trail currently extends another 2.5 miles east to Guise Road. (visited August 2018, no work has begun on this gap.).

Also from the Osteen trailhead, a separate multi-use paved trail (SR 415 Trail) parallels State Road 415 south across the St. Johns River into Seminole County. This eventually will link to the Sanford Riverwalk, and be part of a future Lake Monroe Loop.


Gobblers Lodge Road to Maytown

The trail is under construction starting at Gobblers Lodge Road, and continuing to Edgewater (20 miles). A trailhead is also being built at Gobblers Lodge Road. At Maytown Spur Road the trail branches - one branch continuing to Edgewater, the other linking to the Brevard County section going to Titusville (as part of the Florida Coast-to-Coast Trail). (May 2018)

ECRRT Section 2... Maytown, North then East to Edgewater

Maytown Rd. to SR 442 bridge

From Maytown, the trail is under construction to the SR 442 bridge. Following Maytown Road and then Cow Creek Road, this section has some shade as well as bridges over wetlands and Cow Creek. A trailhead is located along Cow Creek Road south of the bridge. (May 2018)

SR 442 to Edgewater

The bridge spans SR 442 (off I-95) near Edgewater, then the trail continues 4 miles to Dale Ave. Some well shaded sections. There are a few road crossings, the busiest at Old Mission Road. (May 2016)

ECRRT Section 3... Maytown, South-Southeast to Titusville

From Maytown, the traill runs south- southeast to Titusville as part of the Florida Coast-to-Coast Trail .


Volusia-Brevard County Line to I-95 Trailhead

The East Central Regional Rail Trail section from the Volusia/Brevard County line to Titusville and trailhead at I-95 in Mims were opened to the public in Feb. 2018 - some work remains in progress. From the county line to the I-95 trailhead, it runs about 5.5 miles along a power line with no shade and no covered benches or other amenities yet. Road bikers on the Coast-to-Coast Trail will like this uninterrupted ride. This is a remote area, no road crossings. An equestrian trail parallels the bike path. (Feb. 2018)


I-95 Trailhead to US Hwy 1

Past I-95 is a more narrow corridor that is partially shaded depending on time of day. Homes can be seen through the trees, and the trail passes Indian River Preserve Golf Club before emerging roadside at Folsom Road. This section is a neighborhood trail serving homes and schools along the path, be careful at the cross streets. The trail runs alongside the road until it meets US 1 at the Mims/Titusville line at Parker Street.


US1 to Garden St. / SR406 Bridge

The trail runs along busy US 1 with a wide buffer for about 3 miles past businesses and homes, then branches off at Malinda Lane for a little over 1/2 mile to the Garden Street / SR406 Bridge.


SR406 Bridge to Max Brewer Bridge

From the bridge, the East Central Regional Rail Trail runs through an industrial corridor to Canaveral Ave. and then to Main Street. 12-foot striped bike lanes along Main Street and Indian River Avenue mark the route to the Max Brewer Bridge. (July 2017)

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